What is Zitek?

We are an UPV/EHU, DFB/BFA and BEAZ´s program which offers support to start up in Biscay.
Start up with us!

What is it?

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Current proyects


ZITEK is a program which supports university community (students, graduates, professors, researchers and administrative staff) of UPV/EHU Biscay Campus in the process of starting up a business.


The objective of the University of the Basque Country, through the Zitek program, is to promote the creation of a network of businesses with entrepreneurial ideas coming not only from the R&D&I results, but also from any entrepreneur with a relationship with Biscay Campus.


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The University of Basque Country, consisting of more than 50.000 people, is responsible for the 70% of the research which is done in Euskadi and it has already generated a quarter of a million graduates in the most varied fields of knowledge.

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In Beaz our objective is to contribute to the development of economic activity and the creation of employment supporting the development of business projects with an innovative character.

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Diputación Foral de Bizkaia

Employment is a strategic priority for the DFB/BFA. The economic recovery can only be real if it turns into employment. Companies and entrepreneurs are the ones who create those new jobs.


European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

The ERDF aims to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union by correcting imbalances between its regions.

Mission and objectives

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ZITEK has some strategic objectives:


  • To promote entrepreneurial activity in Biscay, transferring the knowledge and research generated in the University of Basque Country (UPV/EHU)
  • To encourage the entrepreneurial culture among different collectives (students, researchers, administrative staff and professors) of the UPV/EHU in Biscay, in order to increase the number of projects that focus on taking advantage of business opportunities.
  • To generate wealth in the University of Basque Country´s environment and to keep the talent in Biscay.

The key of success lies in the two pillars on which the program is based:

  • The network of partners and the collaborative culture between the agents in this project. UPV/EHU, BEAZ and DFB´s Innovation and economic promotion department work together in the incubators.
  • The potential of scientific research and technology creation applicable to new products and services of the UPV/EHU generates an endless source of new business ideas


Creativity and new ideas are an essential part of the University. We can see this in students´ projects, professors´ research fields, doctoral theses, patents, new methodologies applied in the academic environment… The University must be a driving force for transformation, introducing these new ideas, innovating in order to make a better society for everybody day by day. The UPV/EHU´s backing of the promotion of these ideas and the intent to transform them into new businesses is, doubtlessly, one of the activities where we can better see this transformation.
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This program offers entrepreneurs the possibility of having the UPV/EHU´s support and technical, human and research resources to help them in the process of developing new business opportunities.

The collaboration of BEAZ and Diputacion Foral de Bizkaia in this program allows university´s technology based companies access to institutional support


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Where there is a successful business, there is a person who once took a brave decision. The UPV/EHU supports its entrepreneurs and firmly backs the promotion of the collaboration between Emprendedores Zitek´s projects and the different agents who generate financial capital, knowledge and institutional support.

All of this to make everyone who decides to transform an excellent idea in a real business, feel our support.

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ZITEK  is a collaborative project in which the University of Basque Country, Diputacion Foral de Bizkaia and BEAZ take part.

The program proposes 2 courses of action:

  1. The promotion of entrepreneurial culture among the university community (students, graduates, professors, researchers and administration staff)
  2. Giving support to create innovative and technology based companies which allow to exploit the results of Research generated in the University.

Program´s specific objectives

  • UPV/EHU´s incubators increase cooperation between the university and the company and count on the support of Institutions because of their ability to invigorate the environment.
  • It gives support to create innovative and technology based companies which allow to exploit the results of Research generated in the University.
  • It contributes to the students´ education in technology and commercialisation business spirit.
  • ZITEK wants to help innovative business initiatives, it doesn´t matter if they come from a professor, a student or a postgraduate in the UPV/EHU.
  • It offers a physical structure and services to those who want to start up a business and it helps them with an infrastructure which increases their competitive and survival options.
  • It contributes to the economic development of the region with the creation of new companies and more jobs.


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The projects which can be eligible for this program are:


  1. Projects which are going to stay in Biscay leaded by students, graduates, professors and researchers and/or technology based projects linked to UPV/EHU´s research teams.
  2. If one of those conditions is met, the project idea will be presented to a Technical Commission in which the following criteria will be applied:

If one of those conditions is met, the project idea will be presented to a Technical Commission in which the following criteria will be applied:

  • Technical Viability
  • Economical viability
  • Promoter´s business profile
  • Financial necessities
  • Promoter´s financial standing