Noemí Peña Miguel

External relations director of UPV/EHU´s Biscay campus
Depending to the vice-rector of UPV/EHU´s Biscay campus, the External relations director coordinates the ZITEK program; not only the activities related to the promotion of the entrepreneurial culture but also the 3 incubators of the ZITEK program. He is also the representative of the University of Basque Country in the ZITEK program.


Juan Arrúe Mendizabal

The person in charge of BEAZ S.A. in the Zitek Program.
Helping new technology based or innovative businesses projects: corporate structure. Searching of funding and other kind of aids. Strategic alliances. Business plans. Oher resources for new companies.

Aitor Isasi Urdangarín

Zitek Portugalete administration.
Technician in charge of UPV/EHU´s Campus of Biskay “Entrepreneur Culture Promotion and Innovative Businesses Development Program”. Helping new innovative business projects.


Ainhoa Rodríguez Gallego

Zitek Leioa administration
Agent of the entrepreneur culture and the activities made to promote it. In charge of Zitek´s accounting


Zitek´s mentors have a deep knowledge of the socio-economic situation and the business system of Biscay, so they have a global vision of the different problems related to entrepreneurship.

Mentors stimulate cooperation between the different companies and help them in every step of the process of starting up their business.

The personal mentor is a close collaborator of the business who knows the best itinerary for each project and leads it to the necessary resources. The mentor’s expertise lets them know all the difficulties that must be faced in the starting up process: they know all the doubts and uncertainties entrepreneurs could find.